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Other Tutoring for Students with Special Needs

Other Tutoring for Students with Special Needs

Other Tutoring for Students with Special Needs
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Other Tutoring for Students with Special Needs in Florida

Other Tutoring for Students with Special Needs

At A Quantum Leap Tutoring, we understand the difficulties and challenges presented to students who have learning, behavioral, and developmental conditions. We further understand these challenges can be overcome and most students will become successful in school and in life with the proper assistance.

Our company’s approach begins by completing a thorough interview with the family and the student to identify the unique challenges faced by that student. We review the student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP), determine the proper services and/or programs that are of interest to the family, and then develop a course of action based on that conversation.

While A Quantum Leap Tutoring has experience working with students with differing special needs, here are some other areas of concentration:

  • Gifted students have outstanding levels of aptitude or demonstrate high performance. It can be hard to determine the best course of action with gifted students since there is no recognized definition everyone agrees with.
  • TBI, or Traumatic Brain Injury, occurs when a person has suffered damage to the brain caused by an external force. These head injuries have varying levels of severity.
  • CAPD, or Central Auditory Processing Disorders, is a language disorder which makes it difficult for people to process certain sounds. It is a type of physical hearing impairment, but is not meant to be confused with hearing loss.
  • Hearing impaired students can be assisted through the use of sign language or other visual enhancements.
  • Sight impaired students, or visually impaired students, may need assistance with Braille or auditory enhancements.

When your family has made the decision to help your child, you need to find someone you can trust. Our skilled tutors are specialized to work with students who struggle with their developmental, learning, or behavioral problems. We truly care to make sure your child is given the personalized attention you would want for them.

We offer tutoring and educational assistance at flexible times to fit into any family’s busy schedule. We can provide tutoring at one of our local learning labs, a local library, or even the comfort of your own home.

If you are ready to get started and want to set your learning expectations higher for your child, then call A Quantum leap Tutoring today at 877-295-LEAP or click here to request more information from one of our educational specialists.

Other Tutoring for Students with Special Needs


Other Tutoring for Students with Special Needs
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