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FCAT Tutoring

FCAT Tutoring

FCAT Tutoring
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FCAT Tutoring in Florida

FCAT Tutoring

The Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, or FCAT, is your child’s first introduction to high-stakes standardized testing. The first test is administered in third grade and can be scary for both your child and for you as a parent. We all want to ensure our children are able to extract as much information as possible from their grade level. A Quantum Leap Tutoring has tutors available to prepare your child for all of their FCAT needs. Our tutors will make sure your child is ready for each FCAT from the first one in third grade to the requirements necessary to graduate high school in the tenth grade. 

Standardized testing is always evolving, and the FCAT is no different. The traditional FCAT is being replaced by the FCAT 2.0. The test will soon be completely computer-based. If you would like to see a schedule of how the transition will take place, please refer to the Florida Department of Education FCAT chart.

There are a few other ways the FCAT is changing. The most noteworthy is that the current FCAT is based on the Sunshine State Standards while the FCAT 2.0 is based on the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards which include more demanding grade-level expectations. At A Quantum Leap Tutoring, our tutors are prepared to have your child ready for the more rigorous aspects of the FCAT. Not only do our tutors work on your child’s test-taking skills, they will also solidify their knowledge of the math and reading principles introduced throughout the year. We encourage you to check out the Florida Department of Education FCAT page for additional information on the changes being made and the FCAT in general.

The thought of having your child tested in this manner may make you feel like you have no control over what the outcome will be. At A Quantum Leap Tutoring, we do not believe that to be the case. We recognize the importance of being well-prepared for this test. Whether you have 1 week or 3 months to prepare for the test, we will customize and design a program that works at your child’s pace.

Please call A Quantum Leap Tutoring today at 877-295-LEAP or click here to learn more about how we can help your child with your FCAT preparation. This is one of the most important tests your child will ever take, so contact us today!

FCAT Tutoring


FCAT Tutoring
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