• Building Brighter Futures Today

    Building Brighter Futures Today

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About Us

Who We Are


With a 10-year history of excellence in educational services, Tutoring by City is the top tutoring company for special needs students and foster care students in Florida. Originally providing services only in Jacksonville, we now assist agencies all over the state, as well as individuals in Jacksonville and Tampa.

What We Do

We are pleased to offer many services, including:

  • Supplemental educational services (SES)
  • Special needs education and foster care education consultation
  • One-on-one tutoring
  • Test and college preparation
  • Homeschool assistance
  • Summer school assistance
  • Adult tutoring

Why We Do It

It often seems that those most in need of tutoring with a specialized level of expertise and attention are also those least likely to receive it. At Tutoring by City, however, we believe that a society’s success stems from the success of its individuals—every individual—and so we aim to provide as many students as possible with equal opportunities to flourish in their education.

Creating Brighter Futures for Children

If you are seeking professional and knowledgeable educational help for your special needs student(s) or foster care student(s) and are a representative of a Florida-based agency or are an individual in Jacksonville or Tampa, contact Tutoring by City—where exceptional education is the standard.