Premier Tutoring in Florida

For Special Needs and Foster Children

We are the premier tutoring company in Florida.

some of the subjects Tutoring by City covers in our tutoring services
Whether help is wanted in basic reading or math, test preparation, science, or any other subject, we have excellent tutors who are expected to not only meet but exceed your expectations. We encourage our students to become active learners, taking an exceptionally supportive approach to education that creates a desire to learn and the ability to have fun while doing it.

Meeting the needs of the Special Needs and Foster Care Communities.

Our expertise in special needs students and students in foster care, enables us to provide the levels of knowledge, experience, and compassion your student needs to achieve his or her greatest capacity for academic success.


Experienced, Compassionate, and Credentialed Tutors

Exceptional Student Education Standards LogoAt a minimum, our tutors possess exceptional student education (ESE) certificates, associate degrees, and substantial tutoring experience.  That means that our Tutors are prepared to work at your student’s pace. Our tutors are kind, patient, and ready to help him or her prosper in the classroom, because they know from experience that not every student learns the same way.


“Choosing the right company to work with your child is a difficult task, but it can make all the difference in his or her ability to learn and grow in the classroom. Like thousands of students already, we can help make that difference in your child’s academic life.”